Mattress With Reticulation Technology
Comfort with Memory Foam
Refresh Hardness Meter PRO ORTHOPAEDIC
Thickness 5in
  • Oxyfresh mattress with reticulation technology that opens up all the cells of the comfort layer for better breathability that helps in keeping the mattress cool.
  • Very comfortable, latex like-very High Density, High Resilience foam with brilliant bounce back for optimum support.
  • Use of memory foam on top will help to distribute the pressure points.
  • Natural protection against bacterial, mold and allergies.


Quilting with memory foam on top


The Core is made of 1 layer of Soft foam, 1 layer of Filter foam and 1 Layer of High Resilience Foam

No more warm
restless nights.

Introducing a Mattress with an INNOVATIVE RETICULATION TECHNOLOGY to create one of the most cool sleeping surfaces on which there is no accumulation of body heat

We are constantly innovating to create products that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, helping you to get more from your day.